In Russia, for the first time will be held domain delegation due to the illegal use of its copyright owner

The Arbitration Court of the capital recognized the need to remove the domain delegation – complete shutdown of the resource. This practice is observed for the first time in Russia.

The lawsuit allegations of violations of the law incrimination in a Moscow court filed a representative of JSC “SBA Music Publishing “(a popular structure Gala Records – record organization). The applicant sought to recover property damage in the amount of 775 thousand rubles “Digital Laboratory» ( and another 775 0000 rubles domain owner – Boris Golikova. The aggrieved party has demanded the elimination of the domain.

As a result of the trial, the court was obliged to fully meet the demands of the plaintiff, including the delegation of the domain. The reason for this was the absence of the defendant in the proceedings in the courtroom.

Representatives of the company Gala Records say that in recent years they have increasingly had to sue the Internet offenders who wish to illegally use copyrighted. Not long ago, the plaintiff sued because of illegal use of music Maksim, Bianchi, Blur, «A-Studio” and others.
The last trial with the resource Tracksflow happened just yet because the songs of famous Russian pop singer Maksim.

Defendant – domain owner Tracksflow, learn about similar set of circumstances from the press, was very surprised and hurried to argue his absence in court not knowing what is happening. Then I remembered that earlier the company Gala Records was presenting oral complaints in relation to the domain, which is owned by B. Golikova. “Site I created purposefully. After the signing of the investment contract, wanted to legalize it! In 2012, was organized by LLC “digital lab”, co-founder of which was Golikov and Rubinstein (proportion 50/50). For we did not take any measures to monetize because the domain is not brought us any money. Site not cached. Download music tracks from it impossible. Resource rather a musical encyclopedia “- said in the press accused.

Today Golikov has served in the Russian IT-companies. His life not evaluated by analysts as a profitable venture.

We remind blocking implementation of web-sites for breach of anti-piracy legislation may, without prior notice. However, this is not the reason for the domain delegation. The respective rights of the law enforcement agencies in connection with copyright infringement, not, as the Russian legislation does not have such laws. In defense of the Arbitration Court of Moscow, took the decision to delegate the domain, are many lawyers. According to them, in the absence of the defendant, the court may make any decision. Alternative domain delegation for Golikova may become his transfer to another person.

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